Can a Code Black season 4 still happen somewhere beyond CBS?

Code Black LogoIs there a chance for a Code Black season 4 to happen at another network other than CBS? It’s certainly a nice thins to think about — yet, it’s also a remote possibility.

Let’s go into this piece saying what we often do in articles of this nature: Any chance to save any series is a longshot. The majority of these campaigns just don’t produce results and it is, by nature, the simple result of there being so many shows that are out there.

Yet, Code Black is a fairly interesting case given that it was the most-watched show on television last Wednesday and it continued to perform well even without a lead-in. It’s clearly got a healthy audience but, for one reason or another (probably ownership-related), CBS decided that they weren’t interested in keeping it on the air.

So are there some talks about it coming back to another network? Certainly. Showrunner Michael Seitzman confirmed as much in a recent post on Twitter.

What Seitzman says about the difficulties of selling the show elsewhere is pretty true: All other networks already have their schedules figured out, so the timing in which CBS chose to cancel the show didn’t do it any favors. It probably would’ve been better off if it was canceled shortly after the premiere, just in terms of giving it a better chance at some other networks.

Personally, we do think that ABC still remains intriguing given that the show comes in part from ABC Studios; yet, we also understand that they have multiple medical dramas already and there may not be all that much interest when it comes to adding another show in the genre.

For what it’s worth, Seitzman also notes that the end of season 3 is such that it would’ve been a real chance to reconceive what the fourth season would’ve been had there been an opportunity to make it.

We certainly don’t blame him for planning ahead, and for seeing the writing on the wall that the show was likely in severe danger.

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