Roseanne spin-off talks continue; why it could work


It looks as though a Roseanne spin-off is getting closer and closer to becoming reality over at ABC — even if there are some specific hurdles that need to be overcome.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, though, there have been enough talks and internal movement at the moment that a decision on the future of the series could come as early as this week — though there are still some other issues that need to be taken on. For starters, there is the idea of greenlighting it as a new series based on characters Roseanne Barr doesn’t have as much ownership over. If this was just greenlit as Roseanne season 11, for example, she’d have a better opportunity to get backend payments on the series even without being a part of it. Based on what we’ve heard, the only way in which ABC is willing to move forward with a new iteration of the series is if Barr does not end up getting compensated for it. (The actress was responsible for her show’s cancellation due to a racist tweet.)

Basically, the idea here is to create a new show using some existing characters Roseanne herself doesn’t have license over. It seems like the cast is interested in keeping things going, but the real question here is whether or not viewers will be. At the moment, it feels like the premiere of whatever this new show is will generate some enormous numbers. However, after the fact we could easily foresee there being a few more struggles once some of the hype surrounding the show sans Roseanne starts to go away. You’re also going to have a lot of diehard Roseanne supporters who try to boycott the show — it’s going to be a combustible situation and we hope that the cast and crew are prepared for that in the event they continue onward with the show.

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