Instinct episode 10 review: Celia, Charlie, and the best episode yet

Instinct episode 1Tonight on Instinct episode 10, the case revolved around a mysterious criminal who attacked a writer named Celia while she was in the kitchen. The person was wearing an animal mask and a well-tailored suit. He had a hunting knife, was around 5’10”, and were it not for the arrival of a potential publisher, she probably would’ve been killed.

So who would want Celia dead? There were a number of different theories that went along with this, whether it be that they were an obsessed, disillusioned fan who didn’t understand the difference between her and the characters she wrote or that it was someone else within the publishing industry. Eventually, a different writer was killed, and not too long after that, a main subject was named: Ben Richfield. He was tied to both Celia and Renata in one way or another and, beyond that, he is someone who has enough skeletons in his closet to want to act out.

Unfortunately for Dylan and Lizzie, it turns out that they focused on Ben for far too long. He was a possible victim more so than a killer, even if he was a thief and a terrible person. Celia was actually the person behind everything, and lied about her attack at the start of the episode. She knew that she had cancer and with that, plotted out a series of attacks to get revenge on everyone who wronged her.

So far, Celia has to be the best villain we’ve seen within the world of Instinct — she’s got a Moriarty-like ability to divert and manipulate. She ended the episode in Bermuda … but will she really die there? She’s lied about everything else, so why not fake cancer knowing what Dylan would look for?

The latest on Charlie

While some others within the New York community wanted to give Lizzie an award on his behalf, she was hesitant to do that. She was concerned that he was dirty and with this in mind, that she would be honoring someone who actually didn’t deserve it in the eyes of the public.

This is where Julian came into play. He had been digging on Charlie for some time and had a little bit of insight surrounding what he was up to. Eventually, Lizzie got a mysterious note that led to her having to give up most of the information that she knew about. This give us a flashback to what happened back on the night in which Charlie died, where he went a little bit too deep during his infiltration of a cartel facility.

Per Julian, an account was set up in the Cayman Islands for Charlie, and with that he was given money by the cartel. He was, at least at first glance, playing both sides — and doing things to suit his own needs without anyone knowing.

Here’s where the twist comes into play: As Dylan started to look at signatures, he realized that Charlie was set up to be a dirty cop after the fact. Instead, someone else within the team was working both sides. It was, in the end, Sosa. The moment Dylan figured it out, the moment Lizzie went over and arrested Sosa for murder.

CarterMatt Verdict

Instinct episode 10, the best episode of the season, ended with Lizzie giving her speech honoring Charlie with a clear conscience, knowing that he was a good man for the first time since his death. Meanwhile, Dylan got to go home with a chance to actually make a decent dinner with Andy for a change.

If Instinct continues to have more episodes like this, it should definitely be around for many more years to come.

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