MasterChef Junior interview: Avery Meadows talks her top-three finish

MasterChef Junior ended on Fox last month and for those of you who remember, it concluded with an intense finale showdown between Quani, Avery, and Beni. While Beni ended up being declared the winner, it’s still clear that Avery Meadows has nothing to be sad about at all. Despite being one of the youngest contestants this season (she was eight at the time of filming) she managed to get very close to the title — and also intimidate the other young cooks with her skill to the point where she was considered to be one of the biggest threats.

Below, Avery discusses with us her journey this season, the advice she got from the judges, and so much more. This is our final MasterChef Junior interview but we will have more about MasterChef proper coming very soon.

CarterMatt – After being one of the youngest contestants this season, were you thrilled to make it so far?

Avery – Yes, When I got my white apron I never thought I would make it to the finale. When I did I was so excited because I knew I was the youngest ever in MCJ to make it to the finale.

What was the dish from this season you were the most proud of?

My sardine dish, because I know most people do not know how to elevate a little sardine but I did at 8 years old.

What was the best piece of advice you got from the judges?

Joe told me to ALWAYS taste my food.

How can you describe the experience of cooking in the finale?

It was definitely nerve-racking, but everyone was there cheering me on and I knew to just do my best.

What’s been the reaction from friends and family to you being on the season?

They were all proud of me and they wanted me to win.

What are you hoping to do in the world of food next?

I want to open my macaron store in New York, LA, New Orleans (French Quarter) and Houston.

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