Code Black season 3 episode 6 review: Does Ariel want to be a doctor?

Code Black LogoCode Black season 3 episode 6 was an emotional episode in a lot of ways, and we have to think that this is probably especially so for Rob Lowe. He is someone who experienced many recent wildfires first-hand and for most of the hour, he found himself performing field medicine on the site of some of them.

With the help of Rox, the two worked together in order to help victims out in the field, and this of course wasn’t easy. As a matter of fact, there was trauma and pain that went along with it. The story was told ultimately from two different perspectives — the rescue mission in the field and also one of the victims struggling to handle being away while in the hospital. The emotional moment between father and son at the end of the episode was certainly worth a tear or two. Ethan and Rox were covered in soot by the end of the episode, but they were alive. In the aftermath of the mission, Ethan had to go home and then figure out how to connect with his father. He’s not the easiest person to bond with but the two did his best to try.

When it comes to one of the other most notable stories of the episode, it comes via Leanne’s candy-striper daughter Ariel and her attempts to help someone who she thought was in need. However, she did not know that the person she was trying to revive had a DNR and wanted to die. She started to do CPR on him once he was dying, unknowing that she was supposed to be doing anything else. This led to drama in the hospital, and also questions as to whether or not Leanne should really her daughter there.

In the aftermath of everything that happened, Ariel and Leanne had to worry about whether or not she was going to be written up over what happened. Ultimately, though, she didn’t want to leave the hospital. Why? As it turns out, her time volunteering at the hospital cuased her to realize that this is actually what she wants to do in terms of a future career.

Ultimately, this was a very good episode of Code Black for emotional reasons — oh, and we should also point out again that we’re super-bummed that the show is canceled. Episodes like the one tonight are a good indicator of what the series does so well.

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