Animal Kingdom season 3 premiere review: A surfer’s farewell

Animal Kingdom season 3The Animal Kingdom season 3 premiere on TNT did something that was both painful but quite possibly also necessary: Removing one of the major stabilizing forces from the show in Baz.

It’s been rumored for quite some time that Scott Speedman was going to be leaving the TNT drama and the more that you consider the source material in the Australian version, the more this does make sense. This is the move that causes the family to fracture, to suspect each other, and to eventually allow Smurf to seize even more power — at least by way of manipulation. She did that even while behind bars in this episode, proving further that this is still something that she excels at. Despite everything that happens, she is still very much about herself and some of what matters most to her.

Also, is Smurf going to be able to make a deal to sell out her sons, for the sake of herself? That’s something that she can consider now … while of course questions swirl surrounding J and his role in everything that happened.

Did everything move almost too fast within this episode? That’s a good subject for debate. We feel ultimately like, if there was another episode or two for the writers to tell their stories, we may have been able to spend some more time settling into Deran and J’s stories to see how they were thinking, feeling, and handling this situation. Maybe that’s just impossible given the constant threat of the law and the danger these characters find themselves in — we may just be injecting some of our own feelings towards the situation onto these characters, who often don’t a lot of time thinking about anything.

If there is one takeaway that we’ll offer at the end of the episode, it’s that at least for a moment, we have many of these characters coming together. Of course, the odds are pretty darn high that they are going to fall apart again at any given moment.

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CarterMatt Verdict

there was something incredibly powerful about the closing minutes of the episode and seeing the congregation of surfboards in the ocean wishing Baz off with a proper surfer’s farewell. This served as a really great reminder that despite everything some of these characters have been through, they are really united in spirit and have some pain in their hearts over what happened. This is just the beginning of another long story, though, and you have to be prepared for that.

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