Bull season 3: Should we see a different Jason Bull?

Michael Weatherly's BullIt’s been a good few weeks now since the Bull finale wrapped up on CBS and with that in mind, we’ve had a little bit of time to start thinking over a number of key questions — including just what the future could hold for a certain Dr. Jason Bull.

It feels clear that life will never be the same. In the aftermath of his heart attack at the end of season 2, things have to change for him. Maybe he needs to slow down on the drinking, or maybe he needs to find something else to do that brings a certain element of joy into his life. That is one of his principal problems at the moment: He is deriving so much of his sense of happiness from working with TAC and doing everything that he can to solve cases that he is not working on himself and, beyond that, he is not taking care of himself.

What we imagine the start of season 3 should be therapy for Dr. Bull. He needs to figure out why he is the way that he is and what can be done in order to fix it. Basically, he needs to figure out the right sort of way in which to move forward. How does that manifest on the show? Maybe by giving more responsibility to his team and trying to avoid one or two stressful cases. Maybe he tries having a personal life and it completely blows up in his face because he hasn’t had one in such a long period of time.

Our point here is that there could be ways for Bull to work on himself and still have the show be dramatic. There is an interesting central conflict here in that if Bull is ever completely healthy, you can argue that some of the drama and intrigue around the show is gone. One of the reasons he is so good at his job is because he is so relentlessly devoted to it. Yet, what season 3 should try to figure out is him wrestling with the consequences of this said devotion and seeing just how they impact those around him. It can be more of a personal, intimate story where you dive into more of Bull’s past — while also getting some drama revolving around cases in the process.

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