Ink Master: Angels preview: Meet Emily Kaul, Risa Stevens, Austin Rose

Ink Master: Angels
What is coming up on Ink Master: Angels Tuesday night? CarterMatt has a video for you below that introduces you to the contestants you’re set to meet in Emily Kaul, Risa Stevens, and Austin Rose.

Given that Portland has a reputation for being super-weird and incredibly creative, we have a feeling that the bar is going to be set super-high for some of the work that comes out of the city. Check out some more information on the three artists below.

Emily Kaul – She’s known for doing “botanical illustrations with a watercolor element,” which we like to think of as code for her just doing really pretty tattoos. She has owned a tattoo studio since she was 19 years old and certainly has plenty of aspirations to be the next big thing. Most of the background we got about her was that she is a highly-determined artist willing to do everything that she can in order to succeed.

Risa Stevens – She’s a realism artist who has been doing this for the past 12 years, and she’s certainly bold and confident. She also follows Emily on Instagram, so there’s that. She’s went through a lot in her life and sees this competition as a chance to really put herself back out there as an artist.

Austin Rose – Finally, Austin is a ten-year veteran who excels in black and gray. He admits in his intro that he doesn’t necessarily have the most innate art ability, but he works really hard and that is one of the reasons why he has managed to fight his way to the top.

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The challenge at the center of sneak peek is creating the perfect plaid tattoo, something that is so much more difficult than you would first think since it requires a number of clean lines and colors — at least so we think. The problem here is that there wasn’t really a ton of plaid in any of these tattoos. We personally think that Austin’s tattoo is the best one, largely just because of the fact that he is the one who really incorporated it the most and the cleanest.

Yet, we also don’t think that any of these tattoos rise to the top of some of the best we’ve seen this season. They have some work to do moving forward.

Out of Emily Kaul, Risa Stevens, and Austin Rose, who do you think is going to shine in this episode? Share right now in the comments!

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