Poll: Did NCIS: Los Angeles, Timeless, Lucifer, The Flash, or another show have best cliffhanger?

CliffhangersWhat were some of the best cliffhangers for finale season this year? Identifying some of them is the goal today in the latest edition of our CarterMatt post-finale poll series. We have a few days left until we wrap these up, and this one was a lot of fun to sit back and reflect on. After all, there were a lot of great finales and cliffhangers this year! Some left major characters in jeopardy whereas others just gave you something fascinating to think about moving into whatever comes next season.

Below, we’ve identified for you ten of our personal favorite cliffhangers, and at the bottom we have a poll for you to share some of your own thoughts!

The Blacklist, Reddington isn’t actually Reddington – After years of debates and theories, it turns out that the imposter theory is now 100% true. The Reddington we’ve seen over the years is a fake!

Chicago Med, drama across the board – We don’t know the future for Will and Natalie; meanwhile, we also do not know what’s going to happen after Dr. Reese walked in on Dr. Charles standing above her father’s dying body … though things are a little more complicated than they seem.

Criminal Minds, Reid and Garcia in danger – Putting two of your longest-tenured characters in trouble is a perfectly good way to get people nervous in the future.

The Flash, Nora West-Allen arrives – While learning the truth about Barry and Iris’ daughter from the future isn’t a hugely dramatic reveal, it does set the stage for some interesting stuff in season 5.

Lucifer, Chloe sees the devil face – For the first time, Chloe Decker started to understand the truth behind Lucifer Morningstar — he was not just being hyperbolic when referring to himself as “the devil.”

NCIS, Vance in danger – Is it possible that we can lose another character from NCIS after the exits of both Abby and Clayton Reeves? Given the state of things right now for Leon Vance, there is a reason to worry.

NCIS: Los Angeles, the explosion – Could we lose Deeks, Sam, Callen, or Kensi? As of right now four of the show’s biggest characters are all in some degree of jeopardy.

Station 19, multiple lives on the line – Basically, this show’s cliffhanger was for firefighters what NCIS: Los Angeles’ was for federal agents. There are a TON of people in serious jeopardy.

Riverdale, Archie arrested – Hiram Lodge is the worst. Also, having one of your main characters locked up entering season 3 for is far from ideal.

Timeless, #SaveRufus – At the moment, it appears as though Rufus is officially gone. Yet, the Time Team were visited by future versions of Lucy and Wyatt, who may have uncovered a way to save him.

Your turn…

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