Lucifer season 3 episode 25 review: Who is Ray Ray, really?

Lucifer season 3 episode 25Tonight, Lucifer season 3 episode 25 (entitled “Boo Normal”) kicked things off with the discovery of yet another dead body — this time around, it was a woman named Beth who works as a child psychologist. A young girl named Beckett found the body, and in the aftermath of that there was a pretty clear question: Was she actually the killer?

Another at the center of the case was Felix, a young boy with shyness issues — Ella found him and soon after that, the two formed a little bit of a bond. Could that prove useful later? Well, for now there are some other issues that are at bay here … including Ella seeing her old imaginary friend / ghost Ray Ray again. Nobody else could see her, and that made everyone start to question her behavior. As it turns out, Ray Ray supposedly have some information from the spirit world that could prove useful in the case (or, so we thought). Chloe and Ella looked together for some answers, which led to the show moving in a direction: The Furry community. Chloe went undercover in order to find someone named Wesley, who just so turned out to be an original character who Beth stole from another person in the community.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), the Furry community didn’t seem to have much to do with the murder. Instead, it may have had to do with Beckett and Felix — the two characters who were around at the start. While Chloe and Ella took on the responsibility of questioning a Furry in real life, Lucifer and Dan had their own challenge: Trying to wrangle Beckett, who the two ditched hilariously while at an amusement park. This was a problem, since it was around this point Beckett was officially named a suspect.

Much of this episode played out in the way a standard Lucifer episode does, with the team checking off a wide array of different suspects — first, it was the Furry fanatic. Then, it was the teacher paying off Beth to make sure Felix was his future meal ticket. Then, it was Beckett, and after that Felix’s mother. From there, it was actually Felix’s father who was guilty — and much of that had to deal with his violin. He was so talented a kid that he was being manipulated left and right — when his father didn’t like the direction that he was going in, that’s when he tried to take action. Ella had a scary confrontation with the guy, but then Chloe came in and arrested him.

Now, let’s get back to Ella and Ray Ray. Things proved problematic when she claimed she was there for Ella to help her with a key decision: Whether or not she should move back to Detroit. Yet, was she really telling the truth about why she was there at all? Not so much, since she was really some sort of awkward guardian angel. Ella finally confessed to Ray Ray’s presence to Chloe at the conclusion of the case.

Did Ray Ray contribute all that much to the case? That’s debatable, but it was still a fun little addition to get to know more about the Ella character … at least at first. The twist came after Ray Ray said goodbye to Ella and, as it turned out, Lucifer detected through her signature catchphrase “smell you later” that something was amiss.

As it turns out, Ray Ray is Azrael! She is the Angel of Death, and as it turns out, she was responsible for Ella coming into Lucifer’s life. She convinced her to come out to Los Angeles in the first place so that the two could be around each other.

CarterMatt Verdict

For a standalone episode, we were surprised that there was such a big reveal at the very end of it regarding Ella’s story — maybe it doesn’t influence the story too much, but it is fun to know that her being around is not by chance.

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