Deception finale: Did Jonathan just pull a switcheroo?

On the Deception finale Sunday night, one thing felt very clear right away: Cameron Black can’t always get what he wants. He spent so long tracking down Mystery Woman in hopes of stopping her … only for her to take a plea deal in the closing minutes. This would trap her in Witness Protection, but do you really think that this is the sort of thing that would keep her forever?

To make matters worse, it didn’t seem that Cameron was going to achieve his other goal, either — figuring out a way in which to free Jonathan. This is where the two brothers had to figure out a way in which to get creative. This led us to the final deception of the season and it was a big one: Cameron trying to bust his brother out of prison. It’s too bad for him that this didn’t quite work out like he wanted. Instead, Cameron found himself stuck in his brother’s place in prison custody after Jonathan pulled a switcheroo. As if that wasn’t enough, Jonathan went directly over to said Mystery Woman and it turns out that he’s more than interested in working with her.

Overall, we do think that this was an exceptional end to the season, and one that does alter the story in a big way … unfortunately, it’s not looking like we’re going to get an answer to this new mystery. What a sad way to leave this finale, especially when it comes to Jonathan (as Cameron) walking away from Kay when she was pouring her heart out to him.

Do we blame the writers ending it this way?

Absolutely not. They didn’t know the show was canceled at the time they wrote this and they obviously wanted to give ABC a tease as to where season 2 could go. Our bitterness exists more in the fact that we’re not getting that now when this was a show clearly deserving of another chance.

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