Instinct episode 9 review: Why Dylan left the CIA

Instinct episode 9Instinct episode 9 kicked off with, of course, learning about the identity of the deceased — a guy named Gavin who was dressed up in a dog costume and frolicking around in the park. As it turns out, someone intentionally set him up to die via a severe peanut allergy, which is the sort of strange case perfect for Dylan and Lizzie to take on.

The more we learned about the troupe of costumed actors who our victim knew, the less it seemed that any of them would be capable. They didn’t seem to hold any grudge on Gavin and, beyond that, seemed to be entirely delusional about the importance of their craft. Things started to get even more complicated when it turns out that there was another man dead in Larry who was also involved in the world of acting. The more that the case went on, the more that it was clear that the deaths were explicitly linked.

We anticipated that there would be a left turn here just because of the fact that there always is with this show; yet, what we didn’t expect was seeing some of these murders be orchestrated because of a bad propaganda video that these performers had been a part of in the past. They were being effectively assassinated one right after the other, proving that this was a very different case than most. Also, it was one that threw Lizzie into grave danger after she confronted the killer alone. This left her bleeding out inside of a burning building while Dylan relied on Julian to try to track the killer down.

If there was a case that showed that Dylan and Lizzie are the perfect partnership, this was it. We also saw in the process of this Lizzie’s dog Gary become essential to him finding her when she was in peril — all thanks to a tracker. It was after this case that Dylan revealed to her why he left the CIA: He was afraid to lose his relationship and he was not going to compartmentalize anymore. He made it clear to her that if this was going to work between them, she would have to trust him. She’s coming around to that.

Now, things get relatable

We’re totally on Team Dylan Reinhart when it comes to the struggles of being in larger social situations — it’s often really difficult to know how to act! He doesn’t know how to fit in with his new cop colleagues, but one of the detectives’ wives made a really good point to him: Sometimes, you do things for the sake of others.

CarterMatt Verdict

Overall, we will say that Instinct episode 9 was a smart, insightful, and fascinating hour of television that gave us a lot to think about from start to finish.

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