The Blacklist season 6: Investigating the sibling theory

The Blacklist logo any seasonThere are many different theories that are out there already about The Blacklist season 6, especially when it comes to examining one of the biggest questions going into it: Who is Reddington? If the man in Liz Keen’s life at the moment is not the character, who are left with questions aplenty regarding who he really is.

At the moment, unfortunately, there are not many clues one way or another, but there are many big theories out there across the internet. One of the biggest ones we’ve seen is the sibling theory, which is pretty much self-explanatory: The Reddington that we’re seeing is actually a secret sibling of the character in disguise.

The obvious idea here is that this person is a twin, potentially someone Reddington never knew about who studied much of his life, knew his appearance, and slipped right into his place after something happened to the original Reddington. This would explain why nobody asked any questions and it would also explain how, save for some sort of extensive plastic surgery, nobody managed to figure this out over the past few years.

There is another reason why Reddington’s sibling would have to be secret — wouldn’t someone have asked about them otherwise? In all of the years in which we have known about this character, it still remains fairly strange that nobody would have run a background check or something. There would’ve have to have been records, pictures, or something floating around out there.

Another interesting question is this: Did Real Reddington ever know that this sibling existed? If the fake did and shadowed him for most of his life, it’s fair to say that this character is so much more the mastermind than the original ever was. Not only was he able to know the truth and study his brother, but he somehow was also able to do it under a heavy veil of secrecy.

If there’s one case against the idea of Fake Reddington being a sibling, it’s that it is almost far too easy to guess and the show loves to make things complicated. No matter what it is, we imagine that it is something that the writers had a plan for a little while back, given the fact that they seem to have a plan for almost everything.

What do you think about the idea of Fake Reddington as a sibling? Be sure to share right away in the comments!

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