Law & Order: SVU season 19 finale review: What happened to Peter Stone?

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To call the Law & Order: SVU season 19 finale emotional would be an understatement — especially when it comes to Peter Stone. He didn’t have a huge role to play in the first part of the story featuring Lourdes and Miguel, but in part two, he found himself in the midst of one of the most horrifying situations anyone could be in.

Stone was warned in the midst of the case against Miguel to move away from it — as a matter of fact, he was told that the more her pursued it, the more likely it was that he was putting his sister Pamela in danger. We’ve seen her receiving care for most of this season but by the end of the finale, she was shot as she tried to rush towards her brother for safety. It was cold, it was heartless, and it showed precisely the sort of people that the entire SVU team was up against.

In the aftermath of everything that happened, we did see Stone coming to grips with a key question: Did he make the right move joining the D.A.’s office in New York City, or should he have stayed in Chicago? In the aftermath of such a devastating moment, it does make a certain degree of sense that these sort of questions be raised.

As for the case itself, SVU did a fantastic job showcasing the difficulties that Stone had finding a way to implicate Miguel, largely because Miguel found tried to play the insanity card claiming that he was forced to make a confession under duress. The objective changed to figuring out a way in which to nail him, while at the same time also to keep Lourdes from going to jail for a rather long time. The scene where Miguel finally confessed was one of the most powerful, horrifying ones this season. It’s another reminder of how Mariska Hargitay shines on this show with quite confidence and determination — with just a few words, she can make sure that Olivia Benson moves mountains. She did that here not only in getting Miguel, but also the operation that existed around him.

The finale closed with Lourdes getting a chance to start over, and with Stone having to come to grips with everything that happened. We do think there was a moment of bonding between Peter and Benson here that may bring him closer to the team, but that added closeness may feel hollow in comparison to the cost.

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Tonight’s SVU episode focused on DACA, immigration, and many more issues that are prevalent in America today — of course, through the lens of the show. Our heart breaks for Stone, and this is not going to be something that he recovers from altogether easily.

After a case this intense, the saddest news is that we’re going to have to wait until the fall to get more episodes of the show air. How do you bounce back from this?

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