The Flash season 4 finale review: Who is the Mystery Girl?

The Flash season 4 finale

Tonight, The Flash season 4 finale started off with a heck of an ominous tease: The Enlightenment was coming. Technology was taken off the grid by Clifford DeVoe and it was starting to become clear that the entire team was completely screwed. ]

Well, it turns out that there was a surprising ace in the hole here: Marlize DeVoe, who was recruited by Iris at the end of this past week in order to help. She then suggested another ace in Cecile, whose pregnancy may turn out to be the thing that changes the world. She wanted to use an amplified version of her powers in order to establish a transcranial link (make sense?) between Cecile and Barry Allen in order to link his consciousness to DeVoe — as it turns out, that inhibitor first suggested last year did prove valuable! The only way, as it turns out, to defeat DeVoe was to throw Barry into his consciousness. This finale was compared to Inception in advance and clearly, the powers that be weren’t kidding.

The problem for Barry after going into DeVoe’s consciousness was then extracting the one part of him that was good. That was difficult, especially given the fact that there is so little good left. He tried going to where DeVoe and Marlize fell in love, but there instead was none other than … Dibny? Ralph is alive! Unfortunately, Clifford saw this coming. He had killed what was good in him inside of his brain and with that, it seemed like almost all hope was lost.

Yet, there was still a little bit of hope here in, ironically, the form of a “dead” man. If Ralph could travel through a portal he could take control of DeVoe’s consciousness. With that, he could stop The Thinker himself … provided that the two could actually defeat him. This was big, bold, crazy, and incredible intense … especially since the episode concluded with Barry combing through a sea of multiple DeVoe’s in order to ensure that they got Ralph to that portal. Yet, it somehow happened! For the first time really all season long, Clifford couldn’t predict this: Someone who didn’t think. Dibny just winged it and that caused everything to change.

The aftermath

Even though Clifford was stopped, Marlize still had to power down the Enlightenment machines. It seemed as though the team had stopped DeVoe but, due in part to some innovation, he still survived in technological form enough to send a satellite crashing to earth. Think of this as the world’s deadliest kill switch.

The big surprise that we got in Barry’s process to stop the satellite was who he had a little bit of help from: The mystery girl! This shows that she’s probably a hero, no? Barry relayed what happened to Iris at the end of the episode, but making it clear in the process that he didn’t know who the other speedster was.

In some other (possibly) good news, we learned that Harry got at least some of his mental acuity back — he’s not the super-genius that he once was, but interestingly Harry seemed to be less upset about not having his old IQ back than anyone else. Following this, he decided to go back to Earth-2 in order to see his daughter. Will he be back? Consider that one of the big teases that we’re left with right now.

Now, let’s turn to Joe and Cecile’s baby girl. Her name is Jenna Marie West! We don’t know if there’s a comic-book reason for that name. Beyond just that, Wally turned back up! This may explain why he wasn’t in the Legends of Tomorrow poster for the new season.

Now, the Mystery Girl reveal

As it turns out, the Mystery Girl is Nora West-Allen … Barry and Iris’ daughter from the future. She came back with a message that she may have made a mistake.

CarterMatt Verdict

An awesome finale and a nice way to tie up everything that we saw over the course of season 4. The DeVoe showdown was great and, with that, we’re ready to see precisely what’s next.

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