What will Six season 2 bring to the table? (Summer TV Preview)

Six season 2In today’s edition of our ongoing summer TV preview series, we put the focus on a show in Six that really hasn’t been the subject of enough attention so far. That does make some sense, though, given just how long it has been since the most recent-episode episode of the show aired.

The last time that the military show came on the air, it was all the way back in March 2017. Why the long wait? In part, it may just be because I feel like this requires a lot of attention and time in order to perfect. Six season 2 is also going to feel very much different from season one, at least in that you have some new characters including one played by none other than The Newsroom alum Olivia Munn.

Here, Munn is playing the part of a CIA operative by the name of Gina, someone who will try to issue orders but also face some serious conflict with a number of different members of SEAL Team 6. This is not going to be an easy adjustment for her into the rest of the group. For the time being, You also just have to wonder about whether or not she is going to be a permanent addition to the show or someone who is just here to spice things up for the second season.

One thing that has very much changed from when this show was first on the air is that military themed dramas are infinitely more prevalent now than they were in 2017. As a matter of fact, we now have a show entitled SEAL Team that is airing over on CBS. Now, Six has even more pressure just from the vantage point of being dramatic, intense, and original. One of the things that it probably does still have going for it is the fact that it can be a lot more serialized in nature than something that airs on CBS. That benefits this show in particular, given that being a part of a SEAL team is all about taking on things one mission at a time and you really want to get into the nitty-gritty of the sort of operations.

Six season 2 is going to premiere on History come Monday, May 28th. It really does feel appropriate that the show is airing on Memorial Day, and the 10 episodes are going to play out throughout the summer. Expect things to be dramatic, and the production values based on the new trailer below really are second to none. There are not many other shows that take some of the risks that this one will, and we hope that the rating stay fairly steady to where they were back during the first season. If they are, there’s a reason to be confident in a season 3 down the road.

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