Madam Secretary season 4 finale review: Is Elizabeth running for President?

Madam Secretary season 4 episode 22What happened on the Madam Secretary season 4 finale can be described in one way: Alarming. After all, things started off with the fear of nuclear war and by the end of the hour, Elizabeth was fighting in order to do something controversial.

To be specific, she wanted to make all of the country aware of all of the close calls and nuclear test alarms that have gone off over the years. This is a way to push forward her own agenda of making sure that there were many more checks to prevent an actual attack in the future. This included forging a treaty with Russia. That was significant to the future of the entire world to make sure that everyone could feel a little bit safer. It’s an interesting case to be made, but sometimes transparency was the best policy.

After the first half of this episode tonight was mired in chaos, we actually saw a more sedated second half of the episode — at least until Elizabeth opted to make a huge decision in the closing minutes of the episode. She realized that after putting so much energy into making sure that the world was a safer place, she wanted to ensure that it didn’t get undone down the road. With that in mind, she wants to run for President down the road!

Is this going to happen immediately? Much of that probably depends on whether or not there is a huge time jump at the start of season 5. At the moment, though, it does feel like this is a story for the final season of the show (whenever that is). While seeing Elizabeth as President could be great, the entire focus of the show for the most part has been on her serving as Secretary of State. We rather like that the producers haven’t shoved that aside for the sake of her getting into the Oval Office. It makes her position matter.

The only thing that we’re confident about at the moment is that Elizabeth probably will not be sitting in the Oval during the upcoming premiere. More than likely, it’ll take some time in order to get there.

CarterMatt Verdict

Overall, we’d say that this was a worthy finale jam-packed with emotion, especially that first half when Elizabeth decided to stay with her kids thinking that it would be the last time she would ever do that due to nuclear war. This episode continued to show that optimism can drive the country and while it was idealistic in its approach to foreign policy, that is something that this country really does need. This was a fantastic ending to a very good season of Madam Secretary as a whole.

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