The Blacklist season 6: The Naomi Hyland loose end

The Blacklist logo any seasonWhere does Naomi Hyland fit into everything now when it comes to The Blacklist? As we enter season 6 of the long-running NBC series, this is one of the larger questions we have in the aftermath of the fake Reddington (or “Fred,” for short) reveal that we have.

There are not too many people out there who would know the difference between Reddington and an imposter of the character but presumably, Naomi could have been one of them. after all, she was Jennifer’s mother and she is one of the few people who was around back in that timeline who was then also around today. Jennifer was too young at the time of her birth to really understand anything that was going on. Yet, Naomi could remember so much more, and it makes you wonder why she never said anything or addressed it during her life.

Unfortunately at the moment, there is one enormous problem: Naomi is (presumably) dead and with that, it’s going to be hard to gleam information as to what happened. Whether or not we see Mary-Louise Parker in season 6 remains to be seen but executive producer Jon Bokenkamp tells Entertainment Weekly that there could still be many different ways in which the character’s story could matter:

 “If I were Elizabeth Keen, I would certainly sit down with the file of Naomi Hyland and scrub through that and see what stones may be left unturned … That’s one of those things in terms of surprising ourselves as we go along that is interesting. I’m really intrigued by the thread of truth that Liz can start to tug at and see how she unravels this mystery. There’s a number of different approaches she can take and I think, yes, Naomi Hyland is one of them, but there are a number of them.”

Another one could just be going back to the life of Mr. Kaplan and seeing if there was anyone else tied to her who could have known, given that she is one of the few who harbored that secret in her own way. (We’re still going to argue that the Mr. Kaplan arc is the best the series has ever done and any attempt to revisit that story will be appreciated.)

(Photo: NBC.)

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