Once Upon a Time series finale: Three forgotten characters

Moving into Friday night’s Once Upon a Time series finale, who are some of the characters who have been forgotten about the most? As we do get closer to the final episode airing on ABC tonight, we thought that this would be an especially fun subject to explore.

In the end, there are SO many more we could include in here if we were given the opportunity, but these are the ones that stick out the most to us for one reason or another.

1. Sheriff Graham – Back in the first season, Graham was the Storybrooke lawman and briefly a love interest for Emma Swan prior to Regina murdering him. The death of the character was one of the first major shake-ups in the series and a reminder that no one is truly safe.

This character was played by Jamie Dornan, who went on to star in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie franchise. Basically, this should be a pretty strong indicator as to why you didn’t end up seeing this character again past the early days of the show.

2. Red / Ruby – She last appeared on the show in 2016 in the midst of a romantic arc involving her character and Dorothy — yet, we haven’t really seen her since. This absence is important to recognize given that Meghan Ory was at one point a regular during the early seasons of the show. Remember when it seemed as though Ruby and Dr. Whale were going to be a couple? That was one of the many loose ends on the show that were seemingly abandoned over time.

3. Elsa and Anna – Speaking of stories that have been completely forgotten about, let’s look towards the entire Frozen arc. While it was entertaining, it also feels in retrospect like a way to just get viewers to flock to the show using a familiar property. They had their arc in the first half of season 4 but since that point have been almost completely forgotten about.  We’re sure a part of that is Disney wanting to save the characters, but it’s still strange. (There are some other characters who fit this bill, including some from the King Arthur storyline in season 5. Anna and Elsa are just the most notable.)

Honorable Mentions – Sleeping Beauty, Mulan, Lily, Maleficent, and probably a dozen or so more — the reality here is that Once Upon a Time introduced far more characters over the course of the series’ run than they could ever include in the final season.

What are some of the forgotten Once Upon a Time characters we miss the most? Be sure to share right now in the attached comments!

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