Lethal Weapon season 3: What’s the commercial viability?

Lethal Weapon season 2 promoMoving into Lethal Weapon season 3 right now, one thing is abundantly clear: Things are a mess, and it’s a situation that really needs some time to simmer down.

For starters here, you had the departure of Clayne Crawford on the show. Was that dismissal done for a reason? Studios don’t get rid of leads without one, so it’s hard to claim that it was a result of some vast conspiracy. Yet, it’s also clear that Crawford did have good relationships with many on the show during his time there.

Where things get even messier now is the string of comments that Damon Wayans made about Crawford on his now-deleted Twitter account, including photos of an injury that happened on an episode Clayne directed. (That info has been out there for a while.) Why do this? It feels in part the direct result of fans proclaiming him to be the reason for Clayne’s exit and he did this almost as a retaliation. He wanted to prove that he was justified in his sentiment — you can argue as to whether or not he is (that’s for him to decide) but one thing is clear: All of these messages only made the situation even messier.

Now, Lethal Weapon is in a really tough spot moving into season 3. Can you go into a season and enjoy it with so much hostility in the air? It’s almost a good thing that there are a good four-plus months between now and when the series is set to return. That may allow cooler heads to prevail and hopefully, time for some of this to die down.

We know that there are some people out there saying “just cancel it already” but to them, we would respond with this: The people we’ve heard from regarding this situation publicly are less than 1% the total number of cast and crew members employed either for or around this show. We’ve never felt comfortable putting all those jobs on the line. The real test of the show’s future will come via the ratings. If season 3 tanks out, Lethal Weapon will end in the way many shows end. If you don’t like watch the show has become, the easy choice is to not watch it. As of right now we do think there will be interest in the premiere because in part of all the headlines, but beyond that, the show may be in trouble, mostly because the image of the happy on-set family is now tarnished.

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