NCIS: Los Angeles season 9 episode 22 review: Anna’s job trouble

NCIS: Los AngelesTonight, NCIS: Los Angeles season 9 episode 22 began in a pretty violent way: With a prison stabbing at the center of it.

Yet, this was no ordinary violent prison stabbing. Instead, the victim here was none other than a woman named Claudia Diaz connected to a past arrest made by the team. Because of everything that happened, there was a revenge play at the center of the hour that put some of the team in danger. This was a case that involved Kensi and Deeks getting themselves caught up in the middle of an eventual shootout, especially as they found themselves beaten down and almost dead at points.

Prior to Sam, Callen, and the rest of the NCIS: Los Angeles team even getting the case, we learned something new about Callen: He did meditation. Or, he bought a meditation app, did it for two minutes, and then considered himself done. Following that, we learned that Sam is still working on the boat and he’s still planning to take it up to Carmel. (Insert all of your Sam / Callen friendship feels here.)

On the wedding front, Kensi and Deeks continued to clash over parts of it throughout the mission — he doesn’t want things to be too fleshed out or perfect. Why? He feels like they’re “perfect together,” and that includes not necessarily doing the Dirty Dancing move throwing Kensi into the air. The longer the episode went on, the more that we got some updates regarding a potential Densi wedding including the two possibly getting married in Malibu not too far from their home.

Basically, through all of the violence of this mission we were reminded exactly why Deeks wants to start a bar and get away from all of this drama. Eventually, he and Deeks were able to survive in the midst of a showdown at a barn of all things. 

Finally, Callen and Anna went through some serious stuff tonight courtesy of him going to ATF to speak about what happened with Sokolov. While she’s nervous about her job being on the line (and understandably so), she also doesn’t want Callen to lie for her by any means. She is ready to face her future no matter what it brings, even if it’s something that causes her problems in terms of her future.

At the end of the episode we saw Callen speak out on Anna’s behalf — while he wanted to protect Anna at any point, eventually, he realized the trouble that he was in. The episode tonight concluded with Callen debating on whether or not he wanted to tell the ATF panel the truth.

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CarterMatt Verdict

There was actually a lot going on in this episode beyond the case, which we’re more than fine with given that A) we love these characters and B) we are getting so close to the finale. The case itself almost fades from memory because of everything else.

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