Timeless season 2 finale review: Did Jiya’s prophecy come true?

Timeless season 2 finaleThe Timeless season 2 finale kicked off in the immediate aftermath of what happened right before: With Jessica betraying Wyatt and revealing herself to be a viable member of Rittenhouse. She took the Lifeboat and Jiya; with that in mind, the Time Team felt the odds stacked against them more than ever.

Can you change history? Can you shift fate? These were questions at the center of what was a pretty painful, gut-wrenching hour. Jiya eventually found herself in 19th-century San Francisco, stuck there for years but still trying to do what she could to dissuade Rufus from going back in time to save her. She remembered the prophecies claiming that if he was there, Rufus would die once and for all — the show from there really put us through hell and back. At first, it felt like Rufus had managed to survive said prophecy. Yet, not too long after finally reuniting with Jiya, he was killed. The prophecy stuck, albeit in a slightly different way. That is somewhat similar to back during “The Salem Witch Hunt” episode from earlier this season.

Rufus was not the only character who died this week, as another notable departure came about in the form of Lucy’s mother / Rittenhouse’s own Carol. In proving that she was every bit as bad now as she was at the end of season 1, she spent some of her dying words lamenting on how she didn’t bring Lucy into the fold with the cult sooner. If she had, it was possible that the future of the whole world could have been different. While Carol may have been evil, though, she was still Lucy’s mother. With that in mind, there are of course questions surrounding how this death will impact Lucy moving forward.

There are of course some other big questions that have to be touched on here, including what happens next with Wyatt given that Jessica and his unborn child are still out there. Beyond just that, can Rufus still be saved? Based on the cliffhanger featuring a (future?) version of Lucy and Wyatt coming back in order to help them, we have to think that this is a pretty distinct possibility. As sad as the possible death here for Rufus is. we don’t necessarily think that it has to be the end for that character. As trying as Timeless may be at times for some of its characters, at the same time we do like to think of it as a fairly hopeful show. We don’t ever want to imagine a world in which he is not a part of it.

CarterMatt Verdict

Was this Timeless season 2 finale exception? Yet it was, but we’d also say not to think of anything in here as a death sentence for Rufus. The painful thing is just what happens in the event the show gets canceled and we don’t get to see what happens next. If there was ever an incentive to #RenewTimeless, this is it. It’s not just about saving the show; it’s about saving this character.

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