MasterChef Junior interview: Olivia Bond on her journey this season, what she wants to do next


Throughout MasterChef Junior this season Olivia Bond had a unique experience that few others get — after all, she had a chance to compete directly opposite her sister Remy! The two both made it pretty far, but during this past episode they both ended up being eliminated before the final three.

In this new interview, Olivia discusses what it was like making it so far this season, what she learned from being a part of it with her sister, and also more of what she wants to do next in the food world.

CarterMatt – How does it feel to make it so far this season?

Olivia – It was an experience of a lifetime, and I grew and learned so much from it. I made so many new friends. And I’m very proud of myself for making it this far in the competition.  I really didn’t know what to expect – I wanted to go all the way, but you never know since there are so many amazing cooks on the show.

Was it tough trying to lead your older sister in the team challenge?

The Masterchef Junior kitchen was not supposed to be easy! But it was especially tough for me, because Remy has a very strong opinion, and throughout the challenge, it was hard to know who was leading the team, me or Remy. Yet, on the other hand, Remy saved our team too. Even though a few times she tried to take charge, she helped me learn part of what a captain should be like.

What was your favorite challenge this season overall?

I’ve taken in every moment in the Masterchef Kitchen, so, it’s impossible to pick one. But a few of my favorite challenges and moments was when I won dish of the night, making egg ravioli – which is not easy! – and when me and my MasterChef friends got to make Christina, Gordon, and Joe into a human sized donut!!

What did you learn about yourself and about food from being a part of the show?

I learned so much about food throughout this process, I also learned a lot about myself too. I learned many tricks and new skills and favors for food, I learned that in the Masterchef Junior process, I needed to stay true to my roots, and cook from the heart. And I learned that cooking isn’t just a hobby, it’s my passion, it’s culture. And most importantly, It’s family.

Did doing the show with Remy make the two of you so much closer?

Doing the show with Remy did bring me and her closer together. This is because in the process, me and Remy had each others back. We helped and rooted for each other. We were proud of each other. We were happy for one another, when one of us did well in a challenge. But we also worried for each other, we cried together. And we learned about ourselves together.

What is your food dream moving forward in life?

My food dream is to open up a bakery with my sister, called “POP”. It’s a business that sells high end, cake pop… EVERYTHING! It will sell creme brulee cake pops, and all kinds of other favors, plus custom orders. We will have a cooking show, (like Martha Stewart) and describe how to make our creations. That is the cooking dream!

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