MasterChef Junior interview: Remy Bond on competing with her sister, future plans

Remy Bond

For a good percentage of this season of MasterChef Juniorit was fairly easy to proclaim Remy Bond as the favorite to win the whole competition. She performed very well in many of the challenges and beyond that, she brought a lot to the table in terms of skill and dedication. She also had a really unique experience via her getting a chance to take part in this season alongside her sister Olivia. Watching the two of them compete most of this spring brought something different to the show that we haven’t seen before.

In the new interview below, Remy discusses what it was like being on the series this year, taking part with her sister, and some of what she wants to do on the series next.

CarterMatt – How happy are you to make it so far this season?

Remy Bond – It was so exciting and I was really proud to make it so far in the competition. Being on MasterChef Jr. was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I learned so much about teamwork and how to improve my cooking skills. I don’t think that I could have done it without my sister’s and my family’s support.

What was the hardest part about making the salmon during your final challenge?

There was a lot of pressure for the semi-finals because there were incredibly high expectations. It wouldn’t matter if a dish was just cooked perfectly. It had to have that certain…. ‘je ne sais quoi.’ Even though I make salmon at least once a week at home – and feel I have perfected the ‘art of salmon’ – it was the most complicated fish to have been given, as it was the easiest to cook with. Because of that I had to really elevate that flavor and think out-of-the-box.

You performed very well during a lot of the challenges. Did that put added pressure on you to do really well every time?

In many ways my success just made me want to do better every time. If I won for making, let’s say lamb chops, the next challenge I would wanted to make sure that my dish was even in another kind of way. I wanted to be a challenging competitor, but I always wanted to have a blast through the process!

How hard was it doing the last episode without Olivia around?

It was so different. Even though my friends and family have supported me for so long as a chef, my sister was physically there for me almost every day on MasterChef Jr. We would cheer each other on in person and we were always near each other in the kitchen.  When one of us was breaking down, we knew the other one was our best cheerleader. When she left the kitchen, I was competing all by myself and missed her, which definitely made it harder.

Did doing the show with Olivia make the two of you so much closer?

I think that because we both competed in the MasterChef Jr. kitchen and went through the same incredible thing, we become even closer than we already were.  We share most of the same memories and people we met on the show or cooked with.  That was really fun for us.

What is your food dream moving forward in life?

I would love to open up a POP-up bakery called “Pop.” It will sell all different flavors of cake pops and anything on a pop! Since I’m very big on presentation, part of the experience of ‘POP’ would be the colors of the store, how we treat our customers and just making it delicious and fun.


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