The Blacklist season 5: Saram can’t end like this … can it?

The Blacklist logo any seasonDon’t get me wrong — there was a big moment on Wednesday night’s episode that I was really excited about. Samar told Aram that she would accept his proposal if he ever asked, and following her hospitalization he formally proposed and he put a ring on her finger. She wasn’t exactly able to respond, but he still wanted to give her a commitment in the best way that he could given the not so great situation she is in.

Now, there’s been a little bit of time to think about things since last night’s episode aired, and with that I’ve settled on this idea: Samar has to live. Why else is The Blacklist going to do this? If they were going to kill Samar why not just do it instead of having Aram propose and then kick us down a hole by killing her afterwards? Dragging that out would be one of the most painful things that this show has ever done and that’s saying something considering some of the really dark content this show gives us. Aram and Samar are really a wonderful light for this show and with a series like this that can go really dark at times we need things like this relationship to keep things balanced.

Here’s a suggestion I’d offer for the final episode of the season: Have Samar wake up in the finale, and this time have Aram give the proposal in a way in which she can actually respond. The moment last night was understandable for Aram, especially since he is the sort of person who may think of this as the equivalent of a Snow White kiss. He gives her the ring, and then all of a sudden she wakes up and everything is perfect. Unfortunately, The Blacklist is no Disney fairytale where everything is smiles and singing crabs (I shudder to think what it’d be like if it was; who would Reddington be in this case?).

Following all of this, how about a Saram wedding in season 6? The Blacklist isn’t renewed yet but I have to hope it will be (I don’t want to imagine a world where I don’t see James Spader on my TV every week) — plus, there’s no real way to cram that into the finale without making it feel completely rushed. There have been countless TV weddings out there already that were incredibly rushed and didn’t do the couple or the fans justice (I’m still salty over the Castle wedding) and the last thing that the world needs is to add another one to the list. Give this time to come together, cause really — who doesn’t want to see Reddington, Cooper and Ressler throwing Aram a bachelor party?

It’s easy to love Samar and Aram: They’re supportive of each other, they balance each other well, and they’re also kickass agents who excel at just about every aspect of the job.

What are you hoping to get for Saram in the finale? Let me know in the comments!

(Photo: NBC.)

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