The Last Man on Earth canceled; no season 5 on Fox

The Last Man on Earth -One of the most devastating cancellations of the spring TV season seems to now be upon us — Fox has seemingly ended The Last Man on Earth after four seasons.

This news was first confirmed in a post on Instagram from series regular January Jones, who posted some thoughts on the show and what she is going to miss about doing it. We’re waiting more news, but why post such a message otherwise?

While there are many different crummy things about this cancellation, one of the biggest ones is how the show managed to conclude on a massive cliffhanger. This was probably an attempt to convince network execs to bring the show back but alas, it didn’t end up working. We’re bummed about this news and we’re bummed for the fans, but there are a few different reasons why this may have happened … starting with the fact that the ratings were not great and haven’t been for some time. Beyond that, Fox has less programming time for the upcoming season thanks to Thursday Night Football, and they are looking at bringing on board Last Man Standing and potentially a new show to compliment it tonally. There could be some other ugly cancellations at Fox, unfortunately, before we get to the end of the week.

As for the show’s hopes for a second life elsewhere, it’s going to be tough since 20th Century Fox was the production studio behind it. If anyone had a financial incentive to keep Last Man on Earth around, it was the network that first had it.

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