Survivor: Ghost Island episode 12 highlights: Did Laurel, Donathan choose right?

Survivor: Ghost Island cast

Going into Survivor: Ghost Island episode 12, we knew that we were going to get some interesting drama around the family visit. With that in mind, it’s time for annual reminder that winning the family visit is often a terrible move.

Here is what happened: Sebastian won the family-visit reward, and used that in order to invite basically all the dudes and their loved ones. Beyond just that, Wendell then opted to go to Ghost Island and get an advantage in the next immunity challenge if he needed it. That’s a lot of power, and they left all the women at camp alone … where they obviously were going to think that the guys were in control even if that wasn’t the case. Bad move, since the ladies all started to strategize and with their relationship with Donathan, they felt they could make a move.

Best Move of the Week – Kellyn could’ve just given up on trying to work with Laurel after voting for her last week, but she did do a good job of making sure that there was a move presented with her that had a good strategic benefit to her. Kellyn may not be a perfect player, but her passion and love of the game does enable her to get people on her side.

Worst Move of the Week – Sebastian. It’s two-fold. First, it’s him winning the reward challenge. Following that, it’s the decision that he made in order to bring all of the guys. We would’ve picked both men and women, and also discussed it with your closest allies ahead of time so that one was left at home. If they’re bitter at you for it then they don’t have their eye on the prize.

Funniest Moment of the Week – Siblings on Survivor is the best. Seeing Sebastian goof off with his sister was a great example of that. There are a lot of great emotional moments that we get to see in family visits but we enjoy the goofy ones almost as much.

Standout Player – We do have to give this to Donathan, mostly because he has shown himself to be so great at endearing himself to other people. Because people love him so much, everyone is fairly inclined to trust them.

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Elimination – This is where things got super-interesting to us and where we think Wendell and Domenick made a mistake. We would’ve went after Kellyn given that Laurel may have been willing to do this and it was a legitimate big move. Going after Chelsea, however, isn’t so big a play. She’s an immunity threat, but strategically she hasn’t brought as much to the table based on what we’ve seen. Kellyn was also lobbying hard already to blindside Wendell given that he is an enormous threat in the game.

The crazy thing here is that at the start of Tribal, Donathan made it very clear that he had been approached by some of the women. This was a blinking sign saying “WENDELL, PLAY YOUR IDOL.” Maybe this was Donathan doing some reverse-psychology, or maybe this was just him wanting him to play his idol so that he wouldn’t have it for the following week. Either way, Wendell didn’t play it. Following that, Chelsea went home.

Basically, this was a great job by the editors of hoodwinking us into thinking that there could be a big move made when there wasn’t. Was it the right move for Laurel and Donathan? Probably, since it exposed Kellyn as a traitor to Dom and Wendell and moves them up the pecking order. Plus, if they flipped they would’ve made more enemies. We’re still not sure taking out Chelsea now was a better move than Kellyn, but these players know more about the state of their game than we do.

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