Chicago PD season 5 finale review: Did Voight lose everything?

Chicago PD season 5 finale

Tonight’s Chicago PD season 5 finale was, at its core, all about a showdown. In one corner, you had Hank Voight. In the other, you had Denny Woods. Going into the episode, it felt almost impossible to imagine a scenario in which Voight would be able to get out of the bind he was in.

Yet, he somehow did that, albeit at an incredibly heavy cost. Within the first few minutes of this episode it was clear that Olinsky had died as a result of his injuries in prison. With that in mind, it was probably clear to Woods that Hank, grief-stricken as he may be, suddenly had an out. He had a way in which he could get out from under this and, understandably, Woods didn’t like that. He became desperate, and with that he fell into a trap. Him attempting to bribe a planted witness into incriminating Hank led to him eventually finding himself arrested for tampering with a case. Voight wins this battle, but does he really win the war?

There are still some other problems here that aren’t quite going away. Take, for example, Antonio being put into a position where he had to cover for Voight shooting a man connected to Olinsky’s death — as it turns out, there were people out there with additional motives for taking the cop out. Antonio didn’t love being put in this position, and we do wonder going into season 6 if we could see Antonio and Voight going more head-to-head. They are different kinds of cops hoping to achieve goals in different ways.

The strongest point of this entire episode, even more so than Voight’s meltdown on the rooftop in the closing minutes, was the scene in which Hank explained precisely what sort of cop he is. He does what he feels is necessary as opposed to what is necessarily right by a moral standard. He thinks that there’s value in cops like him on the street. Whether or not you agree is probably one of the main points of this episode — this entire idea is meant to create division.

CarterMatt Verdict

Overall, Chicago PD season 5 delivered a fantastic finale on Wednesday night that may go down as one of the series’ best. While we always thought it was possible that Voight could get out of the finale in one piece, we always thought that there still needed to be some sort of punishment. That happened in the form of him losing Olinsky.

Will he change? That’s what you have to wonder as the grief cools off.

The only part of the episode we have a slight quibble with was tracking down Olinsky’s killer. We don’t actually think it needed to be complicated beyond just some prisoners wanting to kill a cop.

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