Ink Master: Angels review: Did Tony Medellin, Judicael Vales beat Nikki Simpson?

Ink Master: AngelsTonight, Ink Master: Angels brought you one of the most exciting episodes of the season. The setting was Reno, and while it’s not a place you often hear that much about, at the same time this ended up being a heck of an exciting hour. There were multiple artists who turned out to be very strong and, in the end, we have a new artist for season 11!

This person is none other than Tony Medellin, who proved to be one of the most exciting, versatile artists who we have seen on the show in some time. Tonight, Tony managed to defeat Nikki Simpson in what was one of the most emotional Angel Face-Offs that we’ve seen. It’s the first time in two seasons of doing this show that we can remember the canvas already knowing the artist going into it. As it turns out, her son (a suicide victim) had previously gotten tattooed by him. What he did with her, incorporating her son’s style and memory into the piece, was nothing short of fantastic.

Tony beating Nikki was very impressive, but we also do want to give a little bit of a shout-out here to Judicael Vales, the artist who squared off against Tony in the second round. He had actually won the first challenge and he had Tony do a Grim Reaper using only dot work. This was an incredible showdown and what Tony did with this style, one that he doesn’t exactly have a whole lot of experience doing, was nothing short of phenomenal in the end.

What Tony showed us during this episode was that he is the sort of artist who could actually end up doing very well on Ink Master. Much of that stems from his versatility and his ability to be able to take on a wide array of different styles. He connects with clients in a way that seems to put them at ease. So long as we continue to see him doing things like this, we have a pretty good feeling that we could see him last pretty darn far in season 11.

CarterMatt Verdict

This episode of Ink Master: Angels was great from start to finish. There were a number of intense moments, great art, and a surprisingly emotional end. We’re not sure that we have wanted to root for a contestant coming out of an episode as much as we’re rooting for Tony. Not only is a great artist, but he seems to have a big heart and cares a lot about his work.

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