The Terror episode 8 review: Return of the Tuunbaq

Terror episode 8The Terror episode 8 is about as clear of a reminder as you are going to get that the world as we know it is, in fact, rather terrible for these former crew members stranded in the far reaches of the world.

At one point in the episode, you saw what were some small reminders of dignity left for Crozier and his men. Francis was wise enough to know that there was something off in regards to Cornelius Hickey and through his investigation, figured out there were, in fact, many lies to his story. The episode ended with what looked like it would be Hickey’s hanging and a victory for some of the men in power … at least before Hickey opened his mouth to retaliate.

What is so interesting about the way in which the episode concluded was that it raised eyebrows regarding a number of different questions, including whether or not Hickey had actually managed to turn some of the men against Crozier with some of his story as to his disloyalty. There’s some debate that comes within this moment that we very much appreciate.

On the flip side, we know that there’s one thing that Crozier especially doesn’t appreciate — the arrival of the Tuunbaq creature at the most inopportune time. We knew that eventually, it was going to come back hungry for blood/vengeance/some combination of the two after what happened a little bit earlier this season. The final minutes of this episode were more or less bedlam, watching various crew members struggle to survive amidst the attack.

If this was earlier this season, we would think that the characters would’ve been able to muster up a little more strength to stay alive. Yet, at this point it’s pretty darn clear what is happening — this people are tired and hungry and as a result of that, they felt almost like moving rag-dolls out there in the creature’s natural habitat.

Cheers to Tobias Menzies

Not that anyone really needed a reminder that he is an exemplary performer, but we especially loved what we saw from him pretty early on in this episode with him opening up about James Fitzjames history and even his name — it was a powerful bit of backstory that establishes him further as the standout of the group, something that he already was in some levels with the amount of seafaring experience that he really had going into this expedition to begin with.

CarterMatt Verdict

The Terror episode 8 was a tremendous episode that better illuminated the sense of struggle and survival for these men, and also how they are now on the verge of crumbling with allies turning against former allies. There are only a couple of episodes left and lives across the board are clearly now in jeopardy.

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