Lucifer season 3: Will the latest death stick?

Lucifer season 3 - is Tricia Helfer leavingIs Tricia Helfer leaving Lucifer and her character of Charlotte Richards for good? Leading out of Monday night’s new episode of the series this is certainly something worth wondering.

At the moment, one thing does feel clear: It doesn’t look good for her. Charlotte was shot by Marcus Pierce in the closing minutes and we interpret the closing scene as Amenadiel carrying the character off to Heaven. This is a world where almost anything can happen and with that in mind, it’s fair to assume that it’s possible that Charlotte somehow ends up being mysteriously revived.

For the time being, though, our assumption is pretty darn simple and also pretty darn clear: The character is gone. That’s what creates the biggest impact on the story since it should drive some of the other characters further, whether you are talking about Lucifer, Chloe, Dan, or anyone else. It’s especially tragic that it is Charlotte given A) some of her recent nightmares and B) some of the heroism that took place over the course of the end of the show.

If this is the end for Helfer on Lucifer it marks a fond farewell to a character who has been a fantastic part of the show for the better part of two years now. She effectively got to play two different roles, as well, in between being Mom and then also Charlotte. This season has come to be a glorious exploration for the Charlotte character in between what she’s gotten to do with Amenadiel and the recent reconciliation between her and Dan. We don’t want to officially say that this story is over and done with just yet but if it is, we know with confidence that Charlotte is definitely a character we will miss.

One way or another, we’re going to get more answers come next week given that this marks the big Lucifer season 3 finale. Could there be cliffhangers? Sure, but we’re hoping that they are not tied to the Charlotte character in some way.

If it is the end, there’s no doubt that Helfer will have many other fantastic things ahead — for a performer of her caliber we really do consider that to be very much inevitable.

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