Deception season 1 episode 9 review: Cameron must earn Kay’s trust back


Deception came back last night with a great episode following its two-part mega episode. Cameron is being punished because of his part in the diamond heist and has to find a way back into the good graces of Agent Kay and the FBI in order to continue the search for the mystery woman and learn her plan.

To accomplish this, Cameron chooses a case about a cop who was ambushed in a convenient store while trying to stop a murder. He was knocked out and when he woke up, the crime scene has been cleaned to make it look like he slipped and fell hard. However, he maintained that a murder had occurred. Cameron immediately recognizes the deception potential of the case and takes it on himself. As he and the officer begin to discover what occurred, however, the officer realizes that Cameron is a famous magician and calls out their joint search because he believes Cameron is mocking him.

As soon as the officer leaves, Cameron notices the killer come to the park as Jordan joins him. Jordan casually walks up to the killer and drug dealer and steals the drugs off of him, prompting the killer to leave in order to resupply and figure out who the supplier is. During a phone call with Agent Kay and Deakins, she gives Cameron permission to follow the killer much to Cameron’s surprise. The pair follow the killer to a meeting with his supplier and Agent Kay arrives to arrest him. However, the officer’s captain realizes that the cop’s record isn’t spotless and that she believes he is involved somehow. Cameron then is with the officer when the supplier shows up for a chat with the officer. Cameron puts the puzzle pieces together.

Agent Kay informs Cameron and Deakins that the supplier is a Narcotics officer (named Baker) and that he arrested the killer before and now appears as though they work for the Narcotics officer. As a result, Deakins, Kay, and Mike raid the precinct to discover who is involved. Bring in the Deception team! In the interrogation room, Kay arrives and plays it out to trick the officers into thinking she isn’t going to help Cameron. However, once the officer leaves, Kay hands Cameron the keys. Gunther and Jordan dress up as painters while Cameron pretends to be a cop. Cameron sneaks into Baker’s locker, but gets caught by Baker. In a standoff, Baker confess to the crime in the convenient store and Kay shows up to arrest Baker. The deception was that Jordan and Gunther made the interrogation room look like no one was there, when in fact behind the clear wall everyone was watching.

While Cameron focuses on helping the officer, Gunther begins looking into the mystery behind Cameron’s grandfather and the puzzles he left behind. Down in the basement, Gunther unlocks a secret passageway and falls into an unknown hole. When he wakes up from the fall, Gunther investigates the hidden chamber and discovered something unknown. Gunther is now freaked out about what he found and is convinced it will get Cameron is trouble. He also realizes that the rumors about Cameron’s grandfather are true.

CarterMatt Verdict

Overall, it was a great episode that kept us guessing and kept us entertained, especially coming off last week’s intense episode. We can’t wait for next week’s.

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