Instinct episode 7 review: The tricky case of Abby Wright

Instinct episode 7Tonight on Instinct episode 7, we saw a story that was largely about the fictional New York Hudsons basketball team. It’s one that means a lot to Dylan’s husband Andy, and it is also one that was tied to the murder at the heart of the story.

What happened? Basically, the high-powered owner of the team in Abby Wright was found dead, and that was after she was spotted freaking out at a charity gala about the sudden attention that she was receiving. She was in the process of moving the team and that alone seemed to give Lizzie and Dylan plenty of suspects. She died in a car crash and based on the 911 call, someone else was chasing her down. Abby was the subject of hate mail, threats, and so much more — Lizzie did her part in order to go through some of the clues, while at the same time Dylan looked towards his husband to get more insight on the mind of a sports fan.

The more that we saw Dylan and Lizzie investigate some suspects, the more it looked almost impossible that they were going to find the guilty party. Whether it be a private eye or a notorious podcast host, they were eventually crossed off the suspect list.

What also proved interesting about this episode is the role of Jasmine Gooden within the case. The Lieutenant and Abby were very good friends for decades, though as of late they hadn’t communicated as much. This led to Dylan even peppering her with questions, seeing if there was a point when her behavior started to change. It did as of a few years before and Dylan suspected that some sort of illness may have been the source of it.

Ironically, it was while witnessing a bar fight that Dylan started to figure out the truth behind what was going on: Abby was choking, she was abused, and nobody ended up knowing about it. Her husband Russell was the responsible party and she never felt like she could speak out about it. As a matter of fact, her wanting to move the team was probably a way in which to get away from her own life. The choking spells were leading to some of Abby’s unusual behavior.

The final minutes of the episode were a scramble in order to figure out where to find a housekeeper who had the insight necessarily in order to prove Russell was responsible. They did that and now the bad guy responsible is officially under arrest.

Did Lizzie go on a date?

Early on in the episode Dylan worked in order to set her up on a date with a man she met along the way in the case. Let’s just say that she wasn’t good at it — he tried to be friendly and engaging, but she clearly wasn’t there.

The good news is that at the end of the episode, Lizzie did apologize to the guy (coined the “hot mechanic” by Dylan) and it looks like they’re going to have another date.

CarterMatt Verdict

While we do think still that Instinct could benefit from expanding its supporting cast more this is a show that is already showing us that it has the making of a great cop show. Of course, the ball is now in CBS’ court (pun intended) to bring it back for another season.

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