How The Blacklist season 5 finale will change everything

The Blacklist logo any seasonGet ready for The Blacklist season 5 to completely blow the doors on everything in the upcoming finale. Odds are, you knew that things were going to get crazy with the reveal of the bones within the duffel bag. Yet, sometime things may be even more intense than you realize. This is not just a reveal that changes the current state of the series; instead, this changes the entire series as a whole.

In speaking on this subject in a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, show executive producer Jon Bokenkamp shared some of his thoughts on how important this finale is — and also how far back it goes in terms of the series’ central mythology:

“Our upcoming season finale is built around a major reveal that’s been closely guarded since the inception of The Blacklist … Through the years we’ve alluded to it, and built the history surrounding it, so I think ardent fans of the show are going to see the truth snap into focus in a way they haven’t before. Not only is this twist going to blow up the show, but it’s going to change everything we do moving forward.”

Basically, this twist is going to drop a few jaws and then some. While the straightforward answer to the bones in the duffel bag is that they are Liz Keen’s mother Katarina Rostova’s, we personally think it’s far more interesting and game-changing if they change somehow Reddington himself. That’s a way to alter that relationship and have you questioning almost everything that we’ve seen on the show to date.

With that, here is where things get all the more challenging for Bokenkamp and the entire The Blacklist writers room — the expectations are now so high thanks to all of the hype, and some of the various theories that are out there about the bones are so good. Meeting all of that hype could be very challenging just because the fans have shown themselves to be so knowledgeable and creative.

What do you think could happen on The Blacklist season 5 that would completely alter the series as we know it? Share right now in the comments!

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