Chicago Fire season 6 episode 21 review: Herrmann copes with tragedy

Chicago Fire season 6 episode 21Tonight, Chicago Fire season 6 episode 21 delivered to you a heck of a storyline, one that was fantastic, dramatic, and really offered an opportunity for a supporting character to shine in a way that we haven’t seen in a good while.

That supporting character, of course, was Herrmann, who struggled to cope with the loss of another firefighter in Colannino. He knew his family and the two had a bond for quite some time — even if they didn’t work together every day it really didn’t matter. Herrmann’s been around for a while and he has dealt with death before; yet, it never gets any easier. His reaction was proof of that, but he shared a beautiful scene with Mouch as the two firefighting veterans served as a little bit of comfort for each other.

We really have to say that this whole story took us by surprise on first viewing — things started off with what seemed to be an innocent youth basketball game; then, there was that tragic closing shot of the lonely basketball hoop outside.

While Herrmann was wrestling with some grief, some other characters were taking on some different emotions. For Stella Kidd, she may not know what to think about the arrival of Renee Royce back in town. She wants Kelly’s help and, despite of everything that happened in the past, he is still willing to give it to her. We know that Severide can be a giving, helpful guy, but is he being a little too giving to someone who doesn’t deserve much of the time of day from him? We understand the larger goal of her work and trying to look beyond just her, but everyone at the end of the day does ultimately have their limits.

There were a number of other interesting odds and ends sprinkled throughout this episode, whether it be Cruz figuring out what he wants out of his love life or getting to see some of our other supporting characters really get back into the swing of things. We know that a lot of people will spend some time after this episode discussing the future of Boden and we get that, given that he could be running for Commissioner. As we explain here, it’s really a doubled-edged sword in that we want the character to be happy. Yet, at the same time we also love having Boden at 51!

CarterMatt Verdict

Chicago Fire season 6 episode 21 was an incredible hour of television with a lot of great stuff that happened in the hour. There was some drama, excitement, and above all else an incredible performance from David Eigenberg that really resonated with us in a way that we don’t often get. Herrmann’s heartbreak is what we are going to take with us for some time.

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