Station 19 episode 8 review: The interview sessions

Station 19 episode 8

At the heart of Station 19 episode 8 there were a wide array of interesting questions, including whether or not a new accident on the scene would end up being a disaster.

Beyond that, though, you also had to wonder this: Would either Jack or Andy even stand a chance of getting the new Captain’s job after some of their firefighters gave interviews discussing them? This was the next stage of the process and this story was told in a fascinating but exceptional way. We saw an incident out in the field, and then we went back to the station where we had a chance to see many of the firefighters all recounting some of what they saw out there. This was smart since it wasn’t linear and you could actually see some of the struggles for these characters play out.

Whether it be Miller, Vic, or anyone else, you could get a pretty good sense of the respect that they had for Andy and Jack. Yet, they also had to pick favorites at times and that was no easy task. It was also hard for these two candidates to sit around the firehouse knowing that some of their colleagues were potentially throwing them under the bus. The problem for Ben is that he did so without trying to, and many of the other firefighters also struggled in this environment. What was also weird is that as soon as any of the firefighters started to offer up some praise for Andy or Jack, the chief sent them away. It was almost easy to think that he didn’t want to see either one of them getting the job. Sure, it was his responsibility to be tough … but did he have to be this big of a heel?

The big takeaway that we got from most of the interviews, though, was this: We would probably be seeing Andy get the spot. She had the support of most of the team over the way in which she handled things in the field.

Captain Pruitt’s moment

At the end of the episode the Captain chimed in with some of his thoughts and, on paper, it seemed as though he was going to recommend Andy for the job. However, he didn’t recommend either her or Gibson for it. What gives, Pruitt?

CarterMatt Verdict

Overall, Station 19 episode 8 delivered some pretty fantastic drama and in a different setting than we’ve seen in the past. We appreciate the fact that the show is already trying to do some things differently on a week-to-week basis and avoiding some of the pitfalls that could come with doing the same thing time and time again.

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