Survivor: Ghost Island episode 11 highlights: The double elimination

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Survivor: Ghost Island episode 11 seemed intent on showing us that there is some room for innovation in this game — after all, we had a chance to see two Tribal Councils in a single night!

With that being said, this wasn’t a case in which there were just two separate cycles of Immunity Challenge / Tribal. Instead, we had a brief split in the tribes. There’s too much different stuff to get into for us to do a highlights piece in a typical way. We’ll look at things one Tribal at a time to look at some of the different dynamics at play.

Tribe One – Sebastian, Chelsea, Donathan, Jenna, and Angela

This was the duller of the two votes just because there were fewer strategic masterminds. It was either Donathan or Jenna. Yet, Donathan did have an idol and that makes things a little bit more interesting.

Yet, here is where things got a little more unintentionally-funny. Jenna told Donathan that the other players were voting for her, thinking that this was a move that could help her — basically, she played him like nobody’s business because she wanted his idol. This was useful since she was being targeted. Luckily, Donathan was smart enough to play that idol for himself … not that he needed it. Jenna is gone, but at least she went out with some sort of interesting flourish.

Tribe Two – Michael, Kellyn, Wendell, Domenick, and Laurel

Wendell, Domenick, Laurel, and Donathan are all super-close, and given that three out of the four of them are in this group, we felt pretty darn confident that this would be Michael’s time to go. Yet, Michael started going around claiming that he had an idol and that got some of Laurel’s paranoia into overdrive. Kellyn did have an advantage from Ghost Island in the form of an extra vote, and she planned on using it in order to ensure that Laurel went home as a contingency plan.

Ultimately, what ended up happening with the vote was super-interesting just because Kellyn played that extra vote and we ended up with a 2-2 tie. That was the perfect way to ensure that Michael went home as it turned out. Once the vote was tied, there really wasn’t any need for further drama. Michael played a heck of a great game and we give him all the credit in the world — his final plan didn’t work, but out of everyone who has gone home so far this season we feel the most confident that he is actually going to get to play this game again. (If he does, he’s played himself into being a target.)

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