MacGyver season 2 finale: Who are we the most worried about?

MacGyver season 2 finale

Moving into the MacGyver season 2 finale, how much fear should there be over the fates of some of our favorite characters? In contrast to most of the other episodes that we’ve seen so far in season 2, there has to be more — this is a finale, after all! One of the big dangers that you have in such an episode is that a character won’t make it out alive.

With that being said, though, we’re actually more worried about someone making it through the episode alive and quitting that we are with someone being killed off. Maybe this is the producers luring us into some sort of false sense of security, but we’re not going into the finale on constant death-watch. We already had that over the course of the hiatus with Samantha Cage.

Here’s what you need to be concerned about entering Friday night’s new episode: MacGyver is claiming that he no longer has trust in Matty Webber and as you would imagine, that’s dangerous. He doesn’t want to be a part of the Phoenix Foundation anymore. If he leaves the team, it’s hard to imagine the show ever being the same. Could he still do missions? Sure, but this is an ensemble show so much more than the original. It’s about MacGyver alongside the strength of the team around him. Maybe he can convince Bozer to join but on their own, who will give the two characters assignments? How will they know where to start?

The objective entering the finale needs to be really simple: Find a way to justify Matty’s secret while also establishing a way in which Mac’s father can enter the picture that doesn’t make him want to leave the team in order to explore that relationship further. In its own way, that is something else that also needs to be considered here.

Could anyone else leave?

Anything is possible — yet, it’s hard to justify it based on where we are right now in the story. While there is certainly some distrust over the Matty situation, the Phoenix Foundation also is a job for most of these people — how are they going to be able to put this on their resume if they go and work somewhere else in the future? That’s rather tricky to imagine.

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An interview on the horizon

Tomorrow, we’re going to have up a great MacGyver finale preview featuring none other than Meredith Eaton! It’s a great piece talking about the finale and more so keep your eyes peeled for that.

What do you think is going to happen on the MacGyver season 2 finale, and who are you the most worried about at the moment? Be sure to share right away in the attached comments below!

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