The Blacklist season 5 episode 20 video: Reddington’s duffel bag search

The Blacklist logo any seasonMoving into The Blacklist season 5 episode 20, one thing continues to remain clear: We still do not know the location of the duffel bag. Unfortunately with Ian Garvey dead, we are now in the midst of desperate times. With that, of course, comes some desperate measures. Some of them can be found within the latest sneak peek below from the NBC series.

In this video (which you can see below via TV Guide), Reddington decides to pay Jennifer Reddington a visit hoping that she has some semblance of information regarding the duffel bag’s location. He’s rather pessimistic that she will, but he also recognizes that there are only so many sources he can reach for information at the moment. The mystery surrounding the duffel bag is fairly overwhelming at the moment for both Reddington and the series itself, but in some ways we believe that is the point. The writers are intent on putting you into the same position as some of these characters, desperately searching for some sort of information. You want something to cling to.

What is so interesting about the position that we are in at the moment is the knowledge that answers are coming by the end of the season. That’s something that the writers have made clear on occasion already. With that, the true drama of The Blacklist comes in seeing how we get from point A to point B and the likely stand-off that follows when we arrive there. Elizabeth Keen wants to know what her father is keeping from her; meanwhile, her father will stop at nothing to ensure that this secret is kept from her forever. This is an epic battle of wits and there is no clear indication as to which of the two sides will be declared the victor.

No matter what, though, life for some of these characters is never going to be the same once we get to the other side of the big reveal. Given the hopes for a season 6 on the other side this poses a key question: What in the world will that look like? We’ll have time to figure that out — for now, enjoy the sneak peek.

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(Photo: NBC.)

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