Bull season 2 episode 21 review: Is Jason Bull falling apart?

Bull season 2 episode 21For those of you who started to think that Dr. Jason Bull was on the verge of collapse, Bull season 2 episode 21 gave you a pretty clear answer: He is. This is a man who’s been struggling to keep his work schedule together and is lashing out at some of his employees in some unexpected ways. You saw that with Benny in how he refused to clue him in on a number of key details, including the latest when it comes to his new case.

Enter Elliott, a man who Bull decided to represent after hearing his story while locked within a prison cell. Bull decided to take on the case based mostly on emotion — he heard the story and wanted to think that he was innocent. Unfortunately, most of the evidence suggested the contrary and, to go along with that, Elliott was mute. He was not able to conjure the easiest defense for himself.

As Bull made mistakes in the early going of the case, including in the jury selection, the TAC team started to become increasingly worried. That also increased in part because of the reveal that his ex and Benny’s sister Isabella was getting re-married. The two had little contact anymore but he paid her a visit, and in that scene she told him that he’s really not in good shape when he’s alone.

In getting back to Elliott’s trial, the longer the case went on the higher the stakes were. After all, if he was found guilty he could end up serving the death penalty. A man Bull perceived to be innocent could end up being given the most dramatic of sentences. While Bull tried to get himself together he still struggled with some other problems — take, for example, Elliot’s girlfriend going up on the stand and announcing that she was taking bath salts the night of the insight. Then, Benny figured out that prosecution may have bribed the girlfriend to give false testimony. He tried to get a mistrial but that, unfortunately, did not come to pass.

What happens next?

Well, this was an incomplete episode. We didn’t get a verdict on tonight’s episode. Instead, we are left to wait and see precisely what is going to be coming up next. The case is not over but as of right now, it seems as though our title character is about to start a slow descent again into chaos — in the closing minutes, Bull decided that he needed another drink after the mistrial plan fell apart.

CarterMatt Verdict

The performances tonight were on another level, especially Freddy Rodriguez both in the courtroom and also in some of the scenes that he had with Michael Weatherly. This episode has been set up as one of the best cases we’ve see on Bull; now, we await the aftermath.

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