Instinct episode 6 review: Stopping an Angel of Death

Instinct episode 6Was Instinct episode 6 the strongest episode that we’ve seen from the series so far? In terms of intrigue and a challenging case for Dylan Reinhart, that is absolutely the case.

After all, at the heart of this hour was a story regarding an Angel of Death, someone who was intentionally killing patients at a hospital who were nowhere near being in that level of jeopardy. It’s a cruel act to ruin those who are already in desperate need. Dylan tried to get to the bottom of it in his typical way, interviewing employees and getting a sense as to how the hospital was staffed (including learning that there were many people on the payroll who were overworked and not getting the support they needed).

In the end, though, the problem he faced was the same that so many other cops do in this position: It’s hard to get anyone altogether interested in being honest to cops. With that, Dylan and Julian went undercover at the hospital, using their CIA know-how to get some more information that showed what a possible motive could be: Getting rid of people with little to no insurance to ensure that the profits stayed high.

So who was behind it? Eventually, the investigation brought us over to Becca, a woman who was a tech expert who seemed very much intent on taking the hospital died. She had lost someone because of what happened at the hospital — they took someone away from her, and she wanted to punish them by finding a way to destroy them from within. Lizzie managed to track her down and with some help from Dylan, the two worked together in order to bring Becca in to ensure that there wasn’t any more chaos at the hospital — at least hopefully.

As for some other stories in this episode…

One of the more interesting ones was Instinct finding a way to ensure that Dylan’s husband was incorporated because of his last job as an attorney. After she was sued by a guy she met in the park for accidentally hitting him, she got a little bit of legal advice for what was a nonsense lawsuit. As it turns out, this “plaintiff” just so happens to be someone who goes and does this to people time and time again.

CarterMatt Verdict

One of the best things about this episode was simply seeing how Dylan and Lizzie chose to use different methods to solve the case — not only that, but kudos to the series for figuring out some good ways to utilize its supporting cast.

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