Timeless season 2 episode 7 review: Grace Humiston and Rittenhouse’s latest twist

Timeless season 2 episode 7What happened on Timeless season 2 episode 7? “Mrs. Sherlock Holmes” was a funny episode at times, but it was also probably the most violent, intense one of the entire season. This was an episode all about the women’s suffrage movement and, to go along with that, about Rittenhouse doing everything within its power to ensure that women do not possess the right to vote or some other freedoms in the future.

Actually, we should say that this was about most of Rittenhouse acting with this goal in mind. The Time Team went back to 1919 during this episode and instead of trying to stop Rufus, Wyatt, Lucy, and Flynn, we ended up seeing Emma work with them. She wasn’t down with the idea of taking women’s freedoms away from them, especially due to her own difficult upbringing. This episode marked an opportunity for her to be able to make her own stance and find her own source of strength — while also lying to Keynes about her role in stopping the sleeper agent the moment that she got back. (Who saw the romance between Emma and Nicholas coming? It makes some sense given that the two are almost always around each other.)

As for the rest of the mission, there was a lot of good, meaty drama that came with the Time Team doing their best to ensure that Alice Paul’s arrest and eventual death was not in vain. They partnered with Grace Humiston a.k.a. Mrs. Sherlock Holmes, a shrewd investigator who was well-known during her time, in order to figure out just what happened. It was Humiston who uncovered the sleeper agent within the suffragette movement and, beyond that, who ended up delivering the speech in Alice’s place. She ended up becoming the hero for the movement in the history books because of it.

As for the latest in the romance department, Wyatt struggled with the idea of Lucy and Flynn being together after learning that the two hung out together over the course of a night. They didn’t get together, but he spent much of the episode being jealous and upset about the idea of it. In the end the two worked out some of their issues and with that in mind, they do now have a chance to actually move forward.

Also, the twist you all saw coming

In one way or another, Wyatt’s wife Jessica is involved with everything at Rittenhouse. Christopher and Connor Mason each saw her within some of the information uncovered from the raid. With that in mind, it seems as though she is either unknowingly involved or a direct part of whatever they are planning.

CarterMatt Verdict

As a whole, Timeless season 2 episode 7 was excellent for explaining the struggle and severity of the women’s suffrage movement; not only that, but it also excelled in allowing us to get a really clear picture of many of the different major forces that were at play over the course of the story.

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