Blue Bloods season 8: What does sergeant exam twist mean for Jamko’s future?

Blue Bloods season 8

Tonight, Blue Bloods season 8 delivered a twist that could end up being one that changes the fabric of the Jamie – Eddie relationship in a big way.

For the past couple of weeks, the assumption give by the press releases for this show suggested that we were going to see Jamie Reagan mired in a debate over the sergeant’s exam. While this was true, what some of these synopses did leave out in the process was that it would actually be Eddie who ended up wanting to take it instead! She viewed this as an opportunity to better secure her future and Jamie reiterated his desire to do his own thing rather than just be continually pushed into doing something by his family. He likes where he is and while that may be hard for others to understand, clearly he believes he can do the most good as a uniform cop without that particular rank.

While there are no assumptions that Eddie will get that promotion, her snagging it could mean a number of different things for the show. For starters, it would negate her and Jamie having to be partners in the same way — they could instead move forward with a different dynamic, and one that could create new possibilities for the two romantically.

With this being said, though, it also does raise questions surrounding Eddie’s presence on the series. If she gets a promotion, will she be featured in the same way and have the same amount of screen time? Vanessa Ray’s screen time has already been sporadic as it is and the last thing we want is a twist that could cause her to be around Jamie less on the job — that is where the bulk of the action is. (For now, let’s just choose to be cautiously optimistic.)

For the time being, though, we love the message that this twist sends about Jamie’s own desire for independence and, beyond that, the support that he has for Eddie. She’s every bit as deserving as he is and we hope for the sake of the character she gets it. There’s plenty of time moving forward to worry about the state of the series itself.

What do you think an Eddie promotion could do for her status? Share right now in the comments!

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