Big Brother Canada 6 interview: Olivia Riemer talks double eviction exit

Olivia RiemerOlivia Riemer had a pretty good run in the Big Brother Canada house. Despite being a target of a few players pretty early on in the game, she survived some dangerous situations. Unfortunately, she fell victim in the end to the numbers, a triple eviction, and both Kaela and Derek lasting as long as they had in the game.

So what did she say about her exit, her long-term plans, and what she would’ve done as Triple Eviction Head of Household? Check out our exit interview with Olivia below.

CarterMatt – If there was no triple eviction last night, what was your plan for being in the game without Ali?

Olivia – My plan without Ali was to move forward with Johnny. You can tell that even before Ali was gone, I was really trying to rekindle what we had before Ali and I got Erica out. I really do respect Johnny as a player. Maybe it is naive of me to say, but I really did feel confident in my abilities in competitions. I felt like I had a fair shot against him in the end.

If you had more time to campaign, do you think it would have changed anything?

No, definitely not. I think people had their mind set for a long time about getting one of the duos out, and it was a matter of time before they took a shot. They got Ali out, and they were waiting to get me out next.

Is there anyone you feel especially betrayed by leaving the house? If so, who?

I shouldn’t, but I do feel a bit betrayed by Will and Paras. I knew this was going to happen, but it’s so weird when you’re in that house and having conversations. It feels so real and then the rug is pulled out from underneath you. Just a few minutes before the eviction you find out your closest person is going home at the hands of people you trusted. It’s extremely irritating. Now I’m just getting worked up and don’t remember the question (laughs).

If you were HoH during the triple eviction, what would you have done?

I was going to put up Derek, Will, and Paras so that regardless of the outcome of the Veto, people who I wanted out of the house would leave.

What surprised you about playing Big Brother Canada that you didn’t expect?

I’m not an emotional person at all, so I especially didn’t expect to feel so emotionally attached to a lot of these people. Even the first two weeks, it really felt like camp in a sense where you were getting to know these people and you really lose sight that you’re playing a game. You’re having so much fun getting to know all of these hilarious people; then, reality sets in during week three when I’m put on the block. I was then like ‘oh yeah, I have to fight against these people’ (laughs). I didn’t think I was going to have that moment; I thought I was going to have to be game-oriented the entire time. But, it’s very hard to separate personal and game where you’re in the midst of all of it.

What one move would you do differently, if given a chance?

I would probably not evict Erica. Even though I knew Erica and Johnny wanted Ali out, and that did play into the reasons for evicting her, I would have loved to see how the game played out if me, Erica, Johnny, and Ali had stuck together and fought against Daela as opposed to flipping on Erica.

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