Timeless season 2 episode 7 video: Woodrow Wilson & more Flynn drama

Timeless season 2 episode 7Timeless season 2 episode 7 is coming up on NBC this weekend and at the center of it, judging from the sneak peek below, is trying to find a way to help President Woodrow Wilson leading up to the Treaty of Versailles. What Lucy Preston realizes perhaps more than any other person there is how important that treaty was in shaping the future. If someone doesn’t stop Rittenhouse, then what they could effectively do is re-draw the lines after World War I and effectively re-shape history in their own desired manner.

While this may appear on the surface to be what Rittenhouse is up to, we’ve learned over time that things are never quite as simple as they may appear. There could very well be a whole lot more going on here; based on the details that are out there about this episode (entitled “Mrs. Sherlock Holmes”), it seems like one of the real goals of Rittenhouse could be changing the Women’s Suffrage movement. If they are able to keep women from the right to vote, then it may be easier to change history to get the results they so desire. Our heroes don’t seem to know this within this sneak peek but it is absolutely something to be aware of.

As for what else is notable about this preview, we’re speaking mostly in terms of Wyatt’s lack of interest in getting Garcia Flynn on board the Lifeboat. Even though it can now hold four passengers, he doesn’t exactly want him to be the fourth. Yet, Agent Christopher’s goals here are still the same that they’ve always been: Trying to stop Rittenhouse by any means necessarily. While we’re not going to say here that Flynn is a model boy scout, he does have a close, intimate knowledge of Rittenhouse and will make the hard choices in order to stop them. We also like having him around since he injects a nice element of chaos into just about everything he does.

All in all, be prepared for an epic adventure — with us being so close now to the finale we feel rather confidently that every single episode matters more than ever.

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