How NCIS season 15 has continued Tim McGee’s heroic journey

Tim McGeeIn this edition of our ongoing TV Heroes article series at CarterMatt we’re putting the focus on NCIS and, to go along with that, the character of Tim McGee.

There are so many different reasons to celebrate this character but many of them just start with his journey. This is a character who has been through so much on the show over the years and we’ve really had a chance to see him grow and evolve over time. In the early days, he was green, geeky, and didn’t necessarily have the most leadership skills in the world. Yet, he was loyal, ambitious, and affable enough to make him a fan favorite. You believed in him as a viewer and there was a great curiosity in seeing precisely how his journey was going to keep going. You don’t want it to end; instead, you want to just enjoy the ride every step of the way.

Now, think about where McGee is at this point in the journey — he’s one of the longest-tenured people within the NCIS office in Washington and he’s a capable leader and mentor. He’s found love with Delilah, started a family, and beyond all of this he can be counted on for just about any mission. He’s smart and cerebral but can hold his own in more physical encounters as well. He’s the perfect person to look up to as a fictional character, largely because he is so well-meaning and beyond that, he always strives for something greater. He’s never just taken a look at a given situation and determined that this was enough – there was a need to keep pushing himself for more. He’s a determined character who excels in his job, but also knows how to make close bonds with those around him.

One of the real joys with a character like McGee is that you can point to a wide array of different people and say that he has a unique, special relationship with them. We love seeing Gibbs and McGee together, just as we think that McGee and Bishop have a lot of really fun banter. We’ve always known that McGee and Abby have had a really special friendship and this is a relationship we are really going to miss seeing.

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At the center of everything with McGee, though, is Sean Murray, who constantly delivers so much heart, likability, and even vulnerability into this role. He’s constantly been one of the show’s most unheralded stars, doing great work without always getting a lot of acclaim for it. It’s hard to imagine NCIS without McGee just because he’s one of the most relatable field agents and he’s a perfect example as to what being a part of this team should really be all about. He absolutely is the perfect TV hero and there’s no questioning it in our mind.

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