Grey’s Anatomy season 14 episode 21 review: The Catherine Fox Foundation

Grey's Anatomy season 14What happened on Grey’s Anatomy season 14 episode 21 begins and ends, in so many ways, with Harper Avery. He may be dead, but his specter continued to haunt the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. There were people shying away from the hospital and, to go along with that, a charity patient almost found themselves yanked away because the charity didn’t want to be anywhere near Harper Avery’s name.

Oh, and there was another huge problem: Jackson donating the money to the surgical contest and then also entering it. Conflict of interest, no? This probably wouldn’t have been anywhere near as important were it not for Jackson’s grandfather having the assault accusations against him. These are two very different problems but it’s really just piling on.

Even though Jackson didn’t have anything to do with the actions of his grandfather he still took it upon himself to try to find a way to help — while also working to make the hospital a better place. With that in mind, in the closing minutes tonight we saw him effectively creating the Catherine Fox Foundation to replace the one named after his grandfather; not only that, he is going to do just about everything in his power to hire back many of the people who were mistreated and abused by Harper in the past. He wants to make things right.

Elsewhere in this episode, Alex had a blast from the past in the form of Nurse Olivia! She came back with her son for some medical care and, in the process, threw all sorts of shade when it comes to Alex’s past. He tried to convince both her and, in turn, Jo, that he had changed, but Jo already knew that to a great degree. However, she did have some serious questions in regards to why he was dragging his feet as much as he was in setting a wedding date. She thought that he was upset over the prospects of that, when in reality, he was mostly stressing about his mother’s whereabouts — after all, she wasn’t using the money he was sending to her anymore.

Finally, let’s talk family — to be specific, the family that Owen and Amelia seem to have brought together. We met the mother of Owen’s foster child tonight and, in the process of that, Amelia decided to take her in. She was a teenage drug addict who had a hard time figuring out her place in the world — Amelia knows about struggles with addiction and with that in mind, she feels like the perfect person to take that on.

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CarterMatt Verdict

Tonight’s Grey’s Anatomy episode was a very strong episode that offered up a lot of different and surprises in between seeing Carina telling off DeLuca and also Miranda being handed a lawsuit. It was funny at times and sweet and hopeful at others. This was Grey’s Anatomy really looking at the issues in the world and showing how some of these characters are striving to make themselves and others better.

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