Suits season 7 finale review: How did Patrick J. Adams, Meghan Markle leave?

Patrick J. Adams and Meghan MarkleTonight, the Suits season 7 finale has come and gone, and we know that one of the central questions is mentioned in the title: How did Patrick J. Adams and Meghan Markle leave?

For most of the hour, though, we do sense there was a slight disturbance in the force among fans and something that the writers really should’ve thought more about in advance: Dividing up the wedding/farewell to Mike and Rachel into a separate episode from the Jessica Pearson backdoor pilot. This episode had a lot of really great, interesting drama when it comes to Jessica, but a whole lot of our attention was spent thinking about just how the longtime characters were departing rather than what was going on in her efforts to fight back against the Mayor’s Office.

Did Jessica find a way to secure her safety and also ensure that she didn’t run out of town? It wasn’t altogether easy but she found a way in which to figure it out — for now. It turned out that Harvey lost his ability to practice law in Illinois but Jessica made it clear that she was going to fight on. Watching Jessica fight is an intriguing premise but it’s hard to see what the overall series is going to look like until we see it in action. The one thing that we will say is interesting here is that it just so turned out that the man threatening people for most of the hour actually worked for the Mayor.

While Jessica and Harvey were in Chicago, Mike and the rest of Specter Litt did everything that they could do in order to save the firm — something that eventually turned so dramatic that Mike went to Robert Zane in order to beg for him to come over to the firm. It didn’t seem like it was going to come together but then, at the very last second, it did. Robert decided to come over and with that, it just so turned out that Stanley Gordon lost. The firm was saved, but it’s obviously a very different firm than what we’ve seen to date.

As for the departures of Mike and Rachel, they had a job offer from Andy to depart the firm in order to go to Seattle. It seemed like the perfect chance to get away and start anew. With that in mind, they decided to also move the wedding up. The ceremony finally happened at about the 11:00 p.m. Eastern mark and it was everything that we really could’ve hoped for — it was a wedding put together at the last minute but it was sweet. Also, John Legend’s “All of Me.” What’s not to like there. Harvey and Donna were there standing at their side and we had a chance to see Robert, Louis, Sheila, and many other familiar faces in the audience.

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The aftermath

It was during the reception that Mike first broke the news to Harvey that he was leaving to Seattle to take on the new job with Rachel. You could see he was saddened by the news but he accepted it. The good news? There was a brief Darvey dance mixed in here.

As for Jessica’s story, we saw in the closing minutes her tell Jeff that she was now working with the Mayor — something that he was not altogether happy with. We don’t think that their relationship is necessarily over but she better be prepared for some blowback.

CarterMatt Verdict

The Suits season 7 finale, when it focused on the characters of Mike and Rachel, ended up being a good farewell for them. We just wish that we had a chance to actually see more of them. It was very good, but if split up a little differently both components probably could’ve been better.

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