The Blacklist season 5: Did Garvey validate the Imposter Theory?

imposter theoryFollowing the conclusion of the Mr. Kaplan story on The Blacklist last season and the discovery of the bones, we want to talk about the Imposter Theory. The idea for this theory is simple: The Raymond Reddington that we’re seeing on the series is not actually Raymond Reddington; instead, this is a metaphorical man in the mask, someone pretending to be the character who has been for so many years.

We should make this clear: We don’t think that someone hired Raleigh Sinclair and is trotting around with prosthetics. Our feeling is that someone assumed this identity long ago and may now be wandering around as him. The Reddington that we’re seeing, per our theory, is not actually Liz Keen or Jennifer Reddington’s father. This is another man relishing in the danger and mystique.

So what clue was there about this theory tonight? “You spent a lifetime hiding for no reason.” That is a line that Garvey told Jennifer prior to his death, one that holds some interesting implications when it comes to whatever Jennifer may be thinking about Reddington and looking for him for protection. The implication we get here is rather simple: There was no reason for Jennifer to hide since this Reddington wouldn’t have recognized her without being prompted. We saw some of that tonight. He was never out to hurt her in any way.

Is it possible that the man who cared for Jennifer early on in life died, only to be replaced by this one after the fact? It’s an interesting case to think about just because of another key point here: “Reddington’s” desperation to keep the duffel bag and the bones from Liz. He understands the power of that secret and, to us, there are only two outcomes that could devastate their relationship: The bones belong to her mother or belong to the real Reddington.

We’re going to find out the truth by the end of the season but one thing definitely feels clear: The case for the Imposter Theory is still very much alive. There are some holes and questions here (think Mr. Kaplan), but there’s also a heck of a lot of intrigue.

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