How Timeless season 2 finds several ways for Lucy Preston to shine

Lucy PrestonFor this edition of our ongoing TV Heroes article series we’re putting the focus on Timeless and, to be specific, the character of Lucy Preston as played by Abigail Spencer. Her character is intelligent, inspirational, adventurous, and shows further just what a hero looks like on television in 2018.

The best thing about Lucy from the get-go is that she’s not some sort of trained operative, master detective, or any other sort of prototypical character you tend to see leading a team on this sort of show. She’s a historian whose greatest weapon is her mind and that is something that really cannot be overstated. Without her knowledge or insight, Wyatt, Rufus, and anyone else who jumps aboard the Lifeboat would probably end up dead. The message that her presence and her ability sends is pretty invaluable: Knowledge is power. It’s a reason to keep reading, studying, and becoming the best in your craft as possible. While many Timeless viewers may not become time-traveling historians, they are probably going to be able to become the best in whatever field that they so choose.

Beyond this, there’s a more personal dimension to Lucy’s heroism: Her ability to be helpful, kind, and courteous to her friends. She often thinks with the best of intentions and about them first — even if it’s not easy for her. The best example of that this season comes with her trying to be accepting of Wyatt’s relationship with Jessica. While there are times to fight for what you want, Lucy also recognized the circumstances around Jessica’s death / reappearance and that the right thing for her to do was to encourage Jessica to go through with giving him another shot. In doing this, she is effectively allowing that relationship to either succeed or fail on its own accord. It’s independent of anything with her and she can look back and know that she did her best to help Wyatt here. This sort of self-sacrifice and care is something that all of us should strive for — even if, as mentioned, it’s not easy. Lucy can find other ways to vent (hence the vodka and Flynn) without being a disruption.

Beyond the Wyatt situation you constantly see Lucy doing the best that she can to see the good in other people (see Garcia Flynn), while also being realistic as to the dangers of the world and the limitations there are when it comes to trust. She’s a sound leader, a good friend, and a refreshing protagonist who really doesn’t have the layers of unnecessary darkness you don’t see on other shows these days. Her ambitious and genuine nature are admirable traits in a TV character and something that likely endears her further to people watching her at home.

We’ve mentioned in the past that Abigail Spencer is the perfect person to play Lucy, and that certainly remains true in season 2. She is able to put the character’s earnestness on display alongside her struggles, pain, and still her desire to do the right things. She tackles some of the most extraordinary situations out there as Lucy and yet, still somehow finds a way to make her relatable.

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